JBL PARTYBOX 1000 (2020)

Price: UGX 4,632,500

Merchant: Empire Phone Hub

In Stock: 0

Unit Measure: 34 kgs

Dimensions: 45.59 x 18.42 x 18.58 inches

Brand: JBL

Country: United States

Delivery Timeframe: Within 24 hours


JBL Signature Sound offers unprecedented performance and an authentic audio experiences you will remember for your party The full panel lighting effect creates a captivating light show to astound your crowd with a lasting visual experience. Wireless Bluetooth Streaming DJ launchpad allows you to play drums, keyboard and piano, record and loop on the fly Mic and guitar inputs allow you to plug in your mic or guitar and take the stage. The JBL PartyBox 1000 is a powerful party speaker with JBL sound quality and exciting full panel light show. Just plug in your Mic or Guitar and take the stage or stream your playlist via Bluetooth or from a USB stick. Connect two PartyBox speakers wirelessly with the TWS feature or wired from one RCA output to another RCA input.


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