Ariston Built In Hob 4 Gas and Electric

Price: UGX 2,180,000

Merchant: Lifeline Appliance

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Unit Measure: 6 kgs

Brand: Ariston

Model: PH941

Manufacturer: Ariston

Country: Italy

Delivery Timeframe: Within 24 hours


DIMENSIONS Height (cm): 3.3 Width (cm): 87 Depth (cm): 51 FIT Width (cm): 83.5 Depth (cm): 47.5 FEATURES Anafe Gas Type: Anafe Mixed 90cm Material: Stainless Steel Burners: 4 to Gas (One of which, Triple Crown) 1 Extensible Vitroceramic Zone: YES Electronic One-Handed Ignition: YES Safety Valves: YES Enamelled Grids: YES Ariston offers a patented technology exclusive to gas amphims that provide unsurpassed cooking results, meeting the needs of the most demanding users: the vertical flame burner. An ultra-flat burner that supplies a vertical flame through 240 small holes. This achieves a perfectly even heat distribution through all the points of the pan, avoiding burnt edges and ensuring quick cooking. In addition to this, the vertical flame anafe is much easier to clean: the same brightness returns after each use. Ariston devotes the greatest care to the design of all his anafes: all gas anafes are manufactured in Italy, large anafes but with standard recessed dimensions, in steel or glass, with ergonomic and durable finishing details. Different aesthetic options that adapt to all types of kitchens, but also performance options, in order to meet all cooking needs. Anafes of 75cm or 65cm, to recess in standard spaces, with special burners triple crown or double, or but anafes of 60cm, with double or triple crown burners. The configuration of diamond-shaped burners makes it easy to prepare more than one dish at the same time, thanks to the increased space between each burner. The new ergonomic knobs, easy to use and read, make it possible to precisely set 5 flame levels. This makes it very easy to get the required heat level for each cooking. (available on selected PKL series models) In cast iron or enamelled iron, the cooking grilles have a hinged clamping system, which is extremely practical to clean quickly and easily and safely. With a simple movement they can be folded upright, without removing them from the anafe. (available on selected PKL series models)


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