Panasonic Blender MX-KM5070 - 800W, Silver, Crushes Ice With Durable Sawtooth Blade

Price: UGX 725,300

Merchant: Pantha

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Unit Measure: 5 kgs

Dimensions: 21D x 18.8W x 41.6H centimeters

Brand: Panasonic

Model: Mx-Km5070 - Silver in Colour

Country: Japan

Delivery Timeframe: Within 7 days


Enrich your cooking repertoire with just one blender. From fine meals to refreshing home-made beverages, the MX-KM5070 blender will make your table healthier and more colorful. POWERFUL ICE CRUSHING The stainless steel sawtooth blades are designed to prepare a variety of ingredients efficiently, via a combination of powerful crushing and fine cutting. Crushes up to 250g of ice at once. *8-10g of ice cubes made from a household refrigerator. 800W MAX. Locked Wattage with a combination of powerful crushing and fine cutting. V&M blending technology allows ingredients to be blended efficiently and smoothly everytime. TWO DRY MILLS It comes with two dry mill attachments. You can separate the mills for coffee and pepper, dry chili or other ingredients. POWER CIRCULATION & HYGIENIC GLASS JAR Using a combination of the four ribs on the jug and the optimally shaped blades, foods are blended convectively in the V&M direction, allowing hard and small foods to be cut evenly. DETACHABLE JUG BASE Being detachable, it is easier to clean the blades and the bottom part of the jug, which is difficult to do if they are one unit. Also, after blending ingredients with high viscosity, you can scoop out the food smoothly from the bottom. SAFETY LOCK The safe design prevents the blender from operating if the jug and stand are not correctly set. SPEED CONTROL FOR A VARIETY OF MENUS Blends with optimal speed according to the menu. Normal: Operates at a constant speed for a smooth finish. Pulse: Operates while the button is pressed for adjusting finish. Dedicated button for finely crushed ice. The lid has 4 sealing lips so you don’t have to worry about leaks during use.


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